Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Vintage Scarves

At the minute I've got a bit of an obsession with buying Vintage scarves. I rarely leave a charity shop without adding a new one to my collection. In the charity shops/boot sales near me the average price you'll pay for one is 50p-£1.50, which makes them ridiculously cheap and basically irresistible to buy.
What i like about them so much, is that even with a plain outfit a Vintage scarf can completely transform it and make a statement.

Vintage Scarves come in so many different colours and lovely patterns.

This one is by far my favourite! I love the colour, size and the beautiful floral pattern.

These smaller scarves also look really nice tied into your hair!

I'm hopefully going to get lots of new bits and bobs (including scarves of course) at the boot sale on Sunday, if it doesn't rain of course!!


  1. Brilliant photos. So pretty :) Nice first blog!!!!

  2. I love a vintage scarf. Lovely collection. x

  3. nothing like a vintage scarf to add that little bit extra to an outfit!




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