Monday, 19 September 2011

Magpie Monday!

I'm taking the plunge and joining Magpie Monday! 
 It didn't rain this Sunday, so i actually made it to the boot sale! To be quite honest i was quite disappointed and didn't end up coming away with a lot, luckily i picked up a few other nice bits throughout the week :)

I picked up this Vintage coat from a jumble sale for just 50p! One of the buttons is missing, however once replaced it will be keeping me warm throughout the Winter.

I picked up all this lot for £1.50 at a boot sale. The benefit eyeliner is brand new!

I love Ricky gervais but have never actually watched the office and at £1 i couldn't resist this box set. I also got both books for 50p each. I brought Stephen frys autobiography as well but i seem to have lost it within a day hmmm.

I got this lovely vintage red bag from a charity shop for £1.

I also picked up this lovely mirror yesterday for £1. It will replace the tiny compact I've been using to apply my make-up everyday!

My local charity shop seems to get a regular donation from Urban Outfitters, but as expected they sell out VERY quickly and i rarely get a look in. However, i did manage to find this belt left behind  for just £1.. i can't believe someone would pay £12 for it though!!

Lastly, i got these lovely padded hangers from a charity shop for £1.25.

I won't be able to make it to the boot sale this week but there is an auction Saturday and of course loads of charity shops to look through, so I'm hoping to find lots more bargains!!

Me and My Shadow


  1. Welcome to Magpie Monday! Thanks so much for joining.

    You can't beat a bit of Mr Brand - I'd have been happy with that alone!

    Gorgeous winter coat too. Not often you can find something that's stylish AND warm - well definitely not for 50p! x

  2. Good to see you joining the lovelies that are the Monday Magpies.
    That coat is a snip and lovely too.
    Like the hangars too

  3. Ohhhh.... such pretties.
    Can I borrow the bag sometime? :)

  4. Fabulous winter coat, very on trend with the 'camel' colour! xx

  5. Love the belt! and congrats on all your boot sale steals! brand new Bad Gal-good work!


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