Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've always liked trying out different crafts, but it's safe to say i haven't stuck with a lot.
I started  decoupaging a year ago and really enjoyed the simplicity of it and how quickly you're able to transform something.  Being an impatient person I think the quick results are what drew me to it, as soon as you stick down the first piece of paper the results are instant and small projects can be completed within an hour.
The options to what you can achieve with it are limitless, as there are millions of different papers to use and loads of different ways to apply it.
I tend to buy ran down items from charity shops/boot sales and completely change them into something beautiful.

I picked up this ceramic bowl for only 20p! When i got it, it was literally covered in dirt where someone had  kept it in their garden! The paper i used is actually gift wrap that i just cut up!

I picked these letters up from a charity shop at £1 each. They were originally from urban outfitters and each letter had a different pattern on it. I painted them white then used two different papers on each letter to create a pretty shabby chic look.

This was originally a little wooden bowl and i covered it in this lovely vintage looking rose paper. It's now at home on my dressing table keeping all my lipglosses safe :)


 This was a soap dispenser i picked up from the tk max sale for only 20p! 

This one isn't actually finished yet but i thought i'd let you have a sneak peak! I actually got my dad to pick out the colours on this one, as it will be living in the middle of the dining room table and when he picked them, i wasn't so sure about his choice but now i've started i actually really like the outcome.

It didn't rain today and i actually made it to the bootsale, so i got a few more bits to decoupage which i will put up when they're complete!


  1. You're so clever, you've totally transformed those bits and made them into something rather wonderful.
    No rain? Lucky you! It's been torrential here for most of the day. x

  2. Any you say you can never write anything!

    I've written myself a note to remember to bring home my pen holder, wooden pot and anything else that I can get in my bag for you to prettify!
    Do you do office chairs? :)


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