Monday, 28 November 2011

River island and bootsale haul!

It's been ages since i last blogged so i thought I'd do a quick post to show some of the lovely bits I've picked up within the last month!

My Birthday was last month and two of my lovely friends spoilt me and brought me this beaut of a bag! I've been wearing it non stop since i got it, it's oversized so fits every thing a girl could possibly want in a handbag. It's from River Island and retails at £50, quite pricey i know but look how purty it is! It's still in shops and online now so grab it now girls!

Another item from river island is this burnt orange tassel jumper. I had been admiring this jumper for a while but being the cheapskate that i am there was noway that i was going to pay the £38 price tag for it! A few weeks later i spotted it in the sale for £17 and couldn't resist it.

The next two jumpers are more like my cheap bargain hunting ways haha! Firstly is this vintage jumper, It's a thick cream cotton with lovely hand embroidered raised rose pattern. I got this from a local car bootsale for only 50p!!

Next is a Vintage Marks and Spencers St Michael Jumper. I'm a sucker for a bit of Aztec so when i saw this jumper in a massive pile of clothes it shouted out to me. The colours in it are lovely deep reds, blue and yellows. Again this was only 50p from a carboot.

The last item of clothing I've got is this pastel coloured cardigan. As soon as i saw it, I had to have it and the 3XL size didn't put me off. It looks lovely oversized and slouchy with just a simple vest, jeans and boots. This is another one with a aztecy pattern. It was £1 from another bootsale.

Here are just a few beauty items i picked up aswell!

Firstly i got Benefit Bathina body so fine, it's a scented balm with a slight shimmer that you apply to legs and body for a 'seductive golden pink sheen'. I got it for a £1. 

Next i got  Benefit 'You clean up nice' face wash which states it soap-free and oil-free and removes dirt and make-up.  It was 3/4 full and again was 50p.

Lastly i brought these 4 nail varnishes all for £2.50 they are Clinique quick dry top coat, KIKO (label has been removed so i don't know the colour grr!), Topshop Big Smoke and OPI Royal Rajah Ruby.

I brought all these beauty products last Saturday so haven't had a chance to try them yet but once i do I'll put up a review!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Magpie Monday!

I'm taking the plunge and joining Magpie Monday! 
 It didn't rain this Sunday, so i actually made it to the boot sale! To be quite honest i was quite disappointed and didn't end up coming away with a lot, luckily i picked up a few other nice bits throughout the week :)

I picked up this Vintage coat from a jumble sale for just 50p! One of the buttons is missing, however once replaced it will be keeping me warm throughout the Winter.

I picked up all this lot for £1.50 at a boot sale. The benefit eyeliner is brand new!

I love Ricky gervais but have never actually watched the office and at £1 i couldn't resist this box set. I also got both books for 50p each. I brought Stephen frys autobiography as well but i seem to have lost it within a day hmmm.

I got this lovely vintage red bag from a charity shop for £1.

I also picked up this lovely mirror yesterday for £1. It will replace the tiny compact I've been using to apply my make-up everyday!

My local charity shop seems to get a regular donation from Urban Outfitters, but as expected they sell out VERY quickly and i rarely get a look in. However, i did manage to find this belt left behind  for just £1.. i can't believe someone would pay £12 for it though!!

Lastly, i got these lovely padded hangers from a charity shop for £1.25.

I won't be able to make it to the boot sale this week but there is an auction Saturday and of course loads of charity shops to look through, so I'm hoping to find lots more bargains!!

Me and My Shadow

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've always liked trying out different crafts, but it's safe to say i haven't stuck with a lot.
I started  decoupaging a year ago and really enjoyed the simplicity of it and how quickly you're able to transform something.  Being an impatient person I think the quick results are what drew me to it, as soon as you stick down the first piece of paper the results are instant and small projects can be completed within an hour.
The options to what you can achieve with it are limitless, as there are millions of different papers to use and loads of different ways to apply it.
I tend to buy ran down items from charity shops/boot sales and completely change them into something beautiful.

I picked up this ceramic bowl for only 20p! When i got it, it was literally covered in dirt where someone had  kept it in their garden! The paper i used is actually gift wrap that i just cut up!

I picked these letters up from a charity shop at £1 each. They were originally from urban outfitters and each letter had a different pattern on it. I painted them white then used two different papers on each letter to create a pretty shabby chic look.

This was originally a little wooden bowl and i covered it in this lovely vintage looking rose paper. It's now at home on my dressing table keeping all my lipglosses safe :)


 This was a soap dispenser i picked up from the tk max sale for only 20p! 

This one isn't actually finished yet but i thought i'd let you have a sneak peak! I actually got my dad to pick out the colours on this one, as it will be living in the middle of the dining room table and when he picked them, i wasn't so sure about his choice but now i've started i actually really like the outcome.

It didn't rain today and i actually made it to the bootsale, so i got a few more bits to decoupage which i will put up when they're complete!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Vintage Scarves

At the minute I've got a bit of an obsession with buying Vintage scarves. I rarely leave a charity shop without adding a new one to my collection. In the charity shops/boot sales near me the average price you'll pay for one is 50p-£1.50, which makes them ridiculously cheap and basically irresistible to buy.
What i like about them so much, is that even with a plain outfit a Vintage scarf can completely transform it and make a statement.

Vintage Scarves come in so many different colours and lovely patterns.

This one is by far my favourite! I love the colour, size and the beautiful floral pattern.

These smaller scarves also look really nice tied into your hair!

I'm hopefully going to get lots of new bits and bobs (including scarves of course) at the boot sale on Sunday, if it doesn't rain of course!!