Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Boot sale Haul!

The sun is finally out so that only means one thing, bootsales! I'd honestly say rummaging around a bootsale looking for bargains is one of my favourite things to do! The weather was lovely so that meant  tons of sellers turned up and I managed to find quite a few lovely bits and bobs. I got quite a lot but to save your computers from loading a ton of photos i'll just upload the gems, hope you enjoy!
Evans blouse- £2

Origins face wash, 20p each!

Laura Mercier lip tint- £1

Stila Convertible blush/lip stain 50p!!!

Lovely Floral tunic- £1

Indigo Dress £1.50

Peasant style top- £1

£1 Vintage style skirt. It's actually from primark but is lovely quality!

George Top, new £1

Quilt Frame £1.50.

Nothing is worse then getting up at 6am and coming back with nothing to show but as you can imagine from this lot i felt like the day was definitely a success!
I love looking through posts of others finds so please comment below with your boot sale blog posts!